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The queer rapper Cazwell is known for his candy-colored videos featuring hot guys, and his latest “Loose Wrists,” is no exception.Clad in pastel lace rompers, Cazwell and company embrace their femme side. Born Armand Lepore, she is one of the most notable transgender public figures. Cosmetics, Mego Jeans, The Blonds, Swatch, CAMP Cosmetics, and Heatherette, which has used her likeness on clothing as well as hiring her as a model.She has appeared in advertising for numerous companies, including M. Lepore is also noted as a regular subject in photographer David La Chapelle's work, serving as his muse, as well as many other photographers, such as Terry Richardson.A sort of woozy inflatable doll, Amanda comes off like a Jeff Koons statue of Marilyn Monroe, a walking work in progress whose nonstop array of surgeries have made her a unique comment on womanhood, and every inch a dame. In New York, she gets paid to enter a room, lips first.It’s not a party until her benevolent presence is spotted on a banquette, like a space alien sex goddess crossed with a curvy Disney goldfish, doling out insights, giggles, and occasionally free drink tickets.

Her album, I…Amanda Lepore, is the culmination of her long reign as the queen of Gotham’s button pushing (and button popping) carnival, cementing her status as the most prevalent risk taking creative artist and good-time gal after dark.

She was one of the first people I met in the (NYC) club scene. I performed for her birthday once and we have been really close since.

Amanda is amazing, and I am very protective of her.

Cazwell was a rarity indeed..openly out rap artist.

Though some were quick to brand him a novelty, he scoffed at the naysayers and marched to the beat of his own drum.

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They switched on and off playing about three songs in a row and also including some of their collaborative tracks as well.

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