Dating in the inland empire

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You may bring some guests to our events, but after their second attendance they will have to become a member of our group.

I agree, I did the online thing when it first came out, was very careful & well guarded in people that I met from there, turned out to be decent people, but had to filter a ton of vermin, & from what friends tell me today, it can still be done today.

I'm like you tu2mama, I'm old school too, I prefer now to do it in meeting by chance, hobbies would be one thing to try, a friend of mine plays tennis, belongs to group (of all ages) that plays tennis in other areas, & shes always meeting people.....

Organizer "Let us be grateful to who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." -- Marcel Proust Let's continue spreading the FUN! We went as single strangers and have become the best of each others lives.

This NEW YEARs will be a year that we have been together...many more to come. You NEVER know who you might just meet at an event. Warm Wishes, It's my first meeting, people seem to be very friendly and generous especially our organizer Carmen.

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If he wants them to think he is gay, that's great advice. Every person on a dating site has found massive amounts of great success. Never said that EVERY person on a dating site has found success.

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