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And they all had something in common: the same excuse.

Just about every man who came to our house said it was the first time he had done something like this and most claimed they really had no intention of having sex with a minor.

If it’s within twenty to thirty minutes, it’s probably far more likely to actually respond when you try to get ahold of her.

Similarly, if she’s willing to move around with you – to another section of the book store, back to the bar to grab a drink, to a quieter section of the party where you can talk – it’s a strong indicator that not only is she interested, but that she trusts you…

Let’s say that you’ve impressed the girl at the party/bookstore/gym/mall/what-have-you with your looks, charm, wit or Audi R8. and be assured that she’s actually going to respond.But there’s no in-depth advice out there on how to text a girl that’s your type and you desperately want to be with, you know?And there’s sure as hell no advice for how to text girls and get one date after the other, after the other…and therefor she’s more likely to pick up when you call after getting her number.Time and social context makes a difference here too; the rules of meeting women during the day versus at night and on weekends are different.

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