Rush limbaugh dating cnn reporter

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Conservative radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh, 53, who announced his separation from his third wife, Marta, in early June, is dating CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, 41, a spokesman for Limbaugh has confirmed to us. The coupling came as a surprise to some friends who consider the Atlanta-based Kagan part of the liberal media axis and a feminist -- but, then again, opposites attract.

The good news, of course, is that the fabulous Kagan is back on the market."On July 28, CNN anchor Daryn Kagan asked her guest, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Steve Brozak -- who is running for Congress in New Jersey and is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention on July 28 -- why he, as "a former and a just recent retired Marine," is "not a Republican."From the July 28 edition of CNN Live Today: KAGAN: The Democrats highlight another potential star tonight, this one a freshly retired Marine. BROZAK: Well, I was a Republican for twenty years, but unfortunately the party left me behind.Steve Brozak is running for New Jersey's seventh congressional district, and he joins me from the Fleet Center in Boston this morning. The values that I held -- strong defense, balanced budgets, things that the Republican Party once espoused -- the Democratic Party has taken up the leadership position in.In 1972, he became a Top 40 music disc jockey on WIXZ, a small AM radio station that reached much of the Pittsburgh area. Kagan (born January 26, 1963) is an American broadcast journalist, formerly a news anchor for CNN.

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