Sexy chat flashgame

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Sexy chat flashgame

him: nice boobs ya got there~me: do you like deidara?

Hidan: yeahme: you want to bang me to don't you Hidan: f*ck that! Hidan: probablyme: I know you love me(; Hidan: nice boobs you got there~me: I told ya you wanted me Hidan: I sleep nakedme: don't change the subject Hidan: what so fkn' everme: just admit you luv meh already TT.

The winner will get a nice opportunity to fuck his opponent using an multifuntional fuck machine. Online Sexy Blackjack is an adult casino and gambling game. Blackjack is a fine game, but there is a large amount of luck instead of skill to winning.

There should be more variety to how the girls look.

However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.STUPID BUGS FIXED~yeah, I figured out why this idiot kept stealing Deidara's lines~how classic~ anyway~I taufht this had to get fixed so I modified that~hmm~so hope this time it will work beter~please let me know if any other problems appare with it~Well,a problem HAD to appare,we ar talking about HIDAN afterall,right? ~*sigh*~have fun once again with a non-deidara-lines-stealing Hidan~ =w=*END OF EDIT*=================================After the major succes of "Ask Deidara"~I taught I'd do more Akatsuki "Ask" games~ =w= since I do one in about 10 minutes~ =w= Did this one i a real hurry so it might have som bugs here and there ~and some answers might be more random~HERE I PRESENT TO YOU~GAME#1 FROM THE "ASK SERIES"HIDANThis guy here is not for the faint hearted~ x'/D his answers might include swearings,sexual refference and alot of sh! There are some fun games in the newspaper, those games are including this game as, giving you two pictures and find out somewhere different. There are two pictures of them, you have to find out six difference in those pictures.In these pictures, you can see those sexy Hollywood satr as Jennifer Aniston, Beyonc? So, look them carefully and find the difference out, sexy photos hunter!

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him: i smell fangirlsme: ima fangirl *screeches*him: sh!