Updating an older man wardrobe

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Updating an older man wardrobe

They are an item that you will almost certainly want to invest in and allow to grow with you. Chinos (also known as “khakis”) are an important part of any wardrobe.Their generally earthy tones lend themselves very well to matching other clothes.Chinos are very easy to dress up or down (moreso than jeans), and pair very well with button downs.

Well, there’s no reason you need to sacrifice comfort when you improve your casual clothes.

If you are overwhelmed with closet chaos or just curious about the benefits of dressing with less and simplifying your wardrobe, this article will help you build a capsule wardrobe.

There is something special for you at the end of the article to help you plan out your capsule wardrobe too. I share my looks on Instagram and write about my experience with capsule wardrobes and dressing with less to demonstrate that it’s possible, not to suggest what you should wear or own.

You see, unless you wear a suit every day, improving your casual clothes will give you a much bigger bang for your buck.

As workplace dress codes have relaxed over the last few years, “business-casual” has become “casual-casual” in many industries: jeans, polos, even t-shirts.

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