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they can be in it."Nasty" is a gross understatement in characterizing the war between Usher and Tameka over their two boys.

Yet now we're told she's more than fine if their kids see him swap vows with the woman she claims hooked up with him while their youngest was only 3-months.

She even found out about things before I did, so they were talking on the phone. Roll on maybe nearly a year (together about 2 and half years at this stage) and we were both looking at pictures on his laptop, I was just clicking in different folders and he was telling me where certain pictures were taken. So, a few weeks later I needed my pictures off his laptop and I noticed the folder with their pictures in it. He doesn’t want to delete the photos because he still loves her?

Clint Eastwood and his estranged wife Dina Eastwood may be involved in a slight case of swinging spouses. He was married for around 10yrs but was separated a year when we met.I went to click on the folder where I knew the photo of him and her was and he told me not go into that because that’s of him and his ex. Theres also a folder with their last holiday, too, which I saw this morning. We’re building a house, getting engaged soon and will be trying for a baby shortly.(But it’s definitely real.)First of all, who in the world is this “insider” in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle dropping everything to gab about how tight Putin is getting with Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife?Wouldn’t people be worrying about, like, being disappeared for such indiscretions?

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He did say, the other day, that he was sorry he got married. I asked him the other night if he would go back to her if he was guaranteed she wouldn’t do anything like she did in the past. I said so its not that you don’t love her and he just said well he doesn’t trust her and it’s the same thing.

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